SAMOSHEL (SAnta MOnica SHELter) provides interim shelter and a broad range of programs to 70 men and women in separate living quarters. It’s also home to The People Concern’s Wellness Beds Program that provides nursing services to clients with acute or chronic medical conditions, and it is the site of The People Concern’s High Need Room for clients with special challenges.

The “big white tent” next door to the Access Center was erected by the City of Santa Monica as a temporary solution to provide homeless men and women an alternative to living on the streets and to help them obtain jobs and permanent housing. As The People Concern took over the operations in 2005, the agency kept the building intact, developing the space to include a community area, kitchen for meal services and volunteer opportunities, and a thriving garden outside.

The FlyawayHomes and Bella Vista Property Management teams volunteer monthly at SAMOSHEL to prepare and serve a meal to our neighbors in respite care. We find that it is not only a wonderful bonding and team building experience, but that it really is “food for the soul”. It’s no wonder that we sometimes have more volunteers than space in the kitchen! The time commitment is minimal – only a few hours in the afternoon and consists of preparing and cooking a meal and then serving it to our clients. One of the best parts is that there is no cleanup afterwards. To many though, the best part is something that we don’t get all that often these days – a true, heart-felt “THANK YOU”.

By: Kevin Hirai, COO FlyawayHomes

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