The People Concern


The People Concern was formed in 2016 in a merger of two trusted social service organizations based in Los Angeles County, OPCC and LAMP Community.

As one of Los Angeles County’s largest social services agencies,The People Concern serves as a “hub” for integrated care, bringing together the many different services needed to move our participants away from vulnerable situations and off the streets – from supportive housing to psychological services, from medical care to case management, from substance abuse treatment to social support. This not only significantly improves participants’ lives; it makes most efficient use of limited resources and saves money for the community.

Our programs and services provide multiple ways for participants to gain access, depending on their needs and preferences. Some people call us for assistance. Others walk in to one of our centers to take a shower, receive a hot meal, or do laundry. Victims of domestic violence may call our 24-hour hotline or enter short-term crisis housing. Many with the most severe needs receive care on the streets through outreach from one of our medical professionals or case workers. By building a relationship over a period of time with those we serve, we are able to earn their trust and ultimately, move them to a better situation.  In fact, 95% of those we house stay housed.

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