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PSH Colden: 820 West Colden Ave, Los Angeles

Development Summary

Flyaway Homes was founded on the principal that to solve the homeless crisis in Los Angeles (and across the United States), permanent supportive housing must be built as an economically viable investment vehicle, providing a reasonable return to investors—without the need for government funds or private donations. It engaged the services of GrowthPoint Structures, an experienced company repurposing used shipping containers into attractive, economical classrooms and affordable housing. GrowthPoint has designed standard four bedroom and two bedroom units that work well as permanent supportive housing, with a minimum of 200 square feet per client.

Open living area with sitting area and TV, dining table for four.

Functional kitchen area with apartment-sized refrigerator, microwave, sink and stove.

Private bedroom for each client with under-bed storage and armoire.

There is also a one-bedroom manager’s unit. The resident manager will ideally be a client of The People Concern who is able to oversee day-to-day maintenance of the property. Adjacent to the manager’s unit is a Community Room, where clients can have group meetings, watch TV, work on the computer, do their laundry or meet with the support services.

All design related to the units, the foundation, the utility connections and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing are done by GrowthPoint. Their plans are approved by the State of California, and are fully compliant with local building codes (including ADA codes). Then the units are manufactured at GrowthPoint’s factory in Carson, CA. It takes approximately four months for all of the units to be manufactured.

All design related to the site and accessways (stairs and elevator) are prepared by FlyawayHomes’ architect, civil engineer and landscape architect and are permitted with the City of Los Angeles. While the units are being built by GrowthPoint, FlyawayHomes will prepare the site, demolishing the existing structure, grading the property for proper drainage, building the foundation and stubbing in the utilities.

When the units are complete, they are shrink-wrapped, put on flat-bed trucks and delivered to the property. FlyawayHomes’ contractor will assemble and weld them together, hook them into the all the utilities, build the stairs and install the pre-fab elevator and finish the site work, hardscaping and landscaping. We estimate this work will take two months to complete.

FlyawayHomes is purchasing an approximately 10,400 sq. ft. property (50’ x 206’) located at 820 W. Colden Avenue in South Los Angeles. It is zoned R-4-1 and there is currently an approximately 1,500 sq. ft. multi-family property on the site. Gustaf Soderbergh, a partner from VTBS has designed a 7,360 sq. ft. building using the modular units from GrowthPoint.

There will be 8 four-bedroom units, 1 one-bedroom manager’s unit and a 560 sq. ft. community room that will include a laundry area, kitchenette, bathroom and private office. All together, the project will house 32 clients and a resident manager.

The entire property will be master leased to an entity affiliated with The People Concern, a well-respected and established social service organization providing support services to the homeless and abused throughout Los Angeles County.

The lease will be for a minimum of 10 years, with starting rent averaging $701.50 per bed per month, with annual CPI increases.

Taking advantage of Los Angeles’ temperate climate, the outdoor area will provide additional break-out space for the clients. There will be three parking spaces at the front of the property (including one ADA-compliant space). At the side of the property will be a courtyard area with casual seating and a BBQ area with tables and chairs. Behind the building, there is a 10’ wide area for a community vegetable garden. The balance of the property will be landscaped with fruit trees and drought-tolerant native plants.

As soon as the development is complete, The People Concern will furnish the units and its clients will occupy the space, paying rent.

The People Concern will provide all support services to its clients. Support services are critical for its clients to remain housed and stable. Many of the clients who will occupy the property have graduated from The People Concern’s housing program, where they are first stabilized in transitional housing before moving into permanent supportive housing.

Bella Vista Property Management will manage the property on an on-going basis. Bella Vista Property Management manages a number of properties in the area, and is well-equipped to oversee the facilities management for these PSH projects.

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