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7938 S. San Pedro St., LA, CA – LLC Structure

  • Investors to purchase land for approx. $250,000 (about $40 psf)
  • SJDC/Bella Vista (the “Manager”) to oversee development of property, including all planning, permitting, financing (balance of equity and all debt), construction, delivery, etc.
  • Project takes approximately six months from completion of plans and permitting (hoping to have permitting expedited).
  • Steaven Jones and Lawry Meister to guarantee construction loan.
  • An entity affiliated with The People Concern to guarantee the leases for each unit.  Upon completion, project is 100% leased at $550/bedroom/month.
  • The People Concern provides all support services for the residents.
  • Bella Vista manages the property.
  • When complete, the Manager refinances the project with a long-term loan.
  • Upon completion, cash flow after operating expenses and debt service provide equity investors with a 5% preferred return on their equity contributions.
  • Balance of the cash flow is split 75% to the equity investors, 25% to the Manager.  Estimated return to equity investors is 5.1%.
  • Filing HCID Application for tax relief status, which will help economics even more.



Property Specs

  • 6,120 sq. ft. land
  • Zoned R-4
  • 8 units: 6 four-bedroom, 2 two-bedroom
  • 28 clients (or 26 and a manager unit)
  • 6,240 sq. ft. building
  • Three stories tall (approx. 30’)
  • Community room (264 sq. ft.), meeting room, laundry
  • Two parking spaces
  • Two sets of stairs (one at each end)
  • Large outdoor area