growth-point-structures-logoGrowthPoint Structures is a manufacturing facility based north of downtown Los Angeles. They have set a new standard in construction in terms of flexibility and conservation. “Proprietary design methods incorporate a level of material and resource conservation that is CHPS and LEED Platinum attainable which is unprecedented for the industry.”

“Safe, Durable and Built to Last”

  • “Withstands 112-tons of compressive force and 17-tons of lateral force”
  • “106 times stronger than building codes require”
  • “Resists weathering over 100 years”
  • “Interior wood walls systems resist damage and hold up to 250 lbs. at any point”
  • “Continuous door hinges eliminate failing standard hinges eliminating the need for repair and replacement”
  • “Inherent options to resist vandalism and increase security”

“Collaborative Approach”

  • “5-year R&D process with student, teacher, facilities and M&O”
  • “Strong relationship with California DSA and other regulatory agencies”
  • “Set up to work with local Architects and General Contractors”
  • “Creating green manufacturing jobs in Los Angeles”

*All information above quoted from GrowthPoint Structures website. All rights reserved.

gps_homepage_slider1Example of shipping container from growth point structures used to build classrooms. Picture used from GrowthPoint Structures website. All rights reserved.

The Structures

Our structures will be built from Class A shipping containers (used once) and readily available from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.  The standard containers are 8 ½’ high and the high loads are 9 ½’ high.  They can easily be stacked on top of each other and are structurally sound. The windows can be cut in with some added structural reinforcement.

The containers are insulated with rigid insulation on the roof, insulation underneath and insulation inside and covered with drywall.  We are using cool roof technology which reduces heat absorption by over 90%. This will reduce the air conditioning and electricity bills by around 20%. We are also using Ductless HVAC systems which eliminates potential air quality hazards. Modern lighting systems will be installed which saves 33% in energy costs compared to standard lighting.

Our innovative units are pre-assembled (with windows, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.) off-site at a work yard. These units are then assembled on-site in about two months.  The state pre-certifies the units so the only construction inspections are related to the site work and final assembly. This process speeds up construction time considerably.

Hard costs are $250 per sq. ft., including site work, assembly and access (stairs).



Game Plan

Flyaway Homes has currently contracted GrowthPoint Structures to design all our standard units. We will work with focus groups comprised of The People Concern clients to make sure that the units meet all their needs. Interviews will be conducted with both existing PSH residents and possible PSH residents.

Potential Land For Our First Test Project

–We have proposed a joint venture with the owner of a possible property in the Westmont area (just north of the 105 and west of the 110 freeway, ½ block west of Vermont Ave.): 820 Colden Avenue.

–We have identified two city-owned lots in District 9 on Figueroa that would be ideal.  They are identified for redevelopment, but we need help from the city of Los Angeles.

–We are also looking for other available sites.  Ideally, R-2 or R-4 land that is $40 psf or less, with the same amenities/transportation/neighborhood criteria as existing buildings.  Example: 7938 S. San Pedro Street, LA, CA

Four Bedroom, 800 sq. ft. Unit 


Two Bedroom, 480 sq. ft. Unit


Community Room, Laundry, Meeting Room