Construction Overview



GrowthPoint Structures is a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of modular structures from repurposed shipping containers. Their structures are revolutionary, and an economical alternative to the existing affordable housing construction options. By using advanced technology, efficient materials and a proprietary design, GrowthPoint is able to deliver quality housing much more quickly than traditional construction. Its use of reclaimed materials promotes a healthy, inspiring and rewarding place to live. The company’s ductless HVAC system eliminates potential air quality hazards and limits exposure to airborne contaminants, while window walls increase natural light, which improves overall well-being.

GrowthPoint spent four years doing research and development to produce the best product available. Since 2014, GrowthPoint has completed a number of classroom projects, because its structures are an economical alternative to existing portable classroom options.

GrowthPoint was the manufacturer of a 16 unit permanent supportive housing project for homeless veterans in Orange County that was completed in 2017.

Some highlights and benefits of GrowthPoint structures include:

   – Designed to resist weathering for over 100 years

   – Ultra-efficient and high performing structures reduce maintenance and operating costs

   – Designed to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes

   – 85% of all components are reclaimed/recycled materials greatly reducing landfill impact

   – LEED Platinum attainable

   – Environmentally, economically and socially sustainable

Unit Layouts

Four Bedroom, 800 sq. ft. Unit


Site Plan