Preventing Homelesness

Can homelessness be solved? John Maceri, Executive Director of The People Concern at TEDxUCLA "John Maceri talks about an issue that is lingering across the US that unfortunately fails to be addressed on a daily basis. He reminds us that there is indeed something that can be done to help alleviate this issue and get our citizens off the streets. John Maceri is the Executive Director of The [...]

FlyawayHomes Announces Equity Investment That Impacts Homelessness LOS ANGELES--March 07, 2017-- FlyawayHomes announces the site of the organization's first permanent supportive housing development funded by Social Impact Equity. FlyawayHomes is closing on a 10,000 square foot plot of land located at 820 West Colden Avenue, Los Angeles 90044 with the intention of building permanent supportive housing (PSH) for the homeless in [...]

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Cost-Effective Possibilities to Prevent Family Homelessness Preventing Homelessness: The Best Return on Investment Trisha Cummins Kauffman has served as executive director of Solid Ground since 1997. Solid Ground works to prevent and end homelessness for families with children and houses 400 women, men, and children annually in Ramsey and Washington counties. In her time with the organization, Solid Ground has [...]