50th Anniversary Video Courtesy of iStreem

For the first 25 years, SJDC was an opportunistic development company – finding a piece of land and developing it to its highest and best use. During this period of time, SJDC developed over 100 commercial projects: fast food restaurants, office buildings, shopping centers and automotive care centers, primarily in Southern California. Many of these developments were owned by limited partnerships in which Steaven Jones was the general partner.

In 1990, Lawry Meister joined the firm to help SJDC renovate two office buildings owned by two partnerships affiliated with SJDC in downtown Santa Monica. Steaven Jones and Lawry Meister decided to take advantage of the inherent architectural features of both buildings, including high, beamed ceilings, operable windows, exposed brick walls and abundant natural light. This “creative office space” was quickly leased, and started them in a new direction, renovating older buildings or constructing ground-up creative office projects throughout Los Angeles County.

SJDC continues to manage most of the properties developed by Steaven Jones and Lawry Meister, providing high and consistent returns to its investors. SJDC maintains excellent tenant relations and close attention to cost control, which contributes to the company’s success in retaining tenants and developing and managing successful projects.

In 2015, SJDC celebrated its 50th year in business.  Please see the SJDC 50th Anniversary commemorative video above to learn more about the company and its track record of success.

FlyawayHomes is a public-benefit corporation organized by Steaven Jones Development Company, Inc. and Bella Vista Property Management, Inc. to develop permanent supportive housing in the greater Los Angeles area. It was founded on the principal that in order to solve the homeless crisis, permanent supportive housing must be built as an economically viable investment vehicle, providing a reasonable return to investors—without the need for government funds or private donations. As a public-benefit entity, any funds that FlyawayHomes receives are used for support services or development costs for its permanent supportive housing projects.

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